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Welcome to the LÖHER brand shop for high-quality drill-bits from ToolTeam. We are pleased to welcome you to our website. On the following pages you will have the opportunity to get to know the company and our products and services.

Since more than 80 years the LÖHER brand stands for high-quality drill-bits made in Germany and for extraordinary quick and competent service.

LÖHER drill bits are produced in Germany with modern technology and according to standards of DIN ISO 9002. Our experienced team and our state of the art machines provide the superior quality of the LÖHER products.


Top August Löher produkter

-48%  Logo Löher Spiralbohrer, überlang 265 - 605mm Ø 48mm Typ N HSS rechts Gr. MK4 330/01-48mm
-42%  Logo Löher Spiralbohrer, kurz Ø 21mm Typ N HSS-E / HSS-Co5 rechts Gr. MK2 360/00-21mm
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148,70 € MSRP
-47%  Logo Löher Aufbohrer Ø 31,6mm Typ N HSS rechts Gr. MK4 390/00-31,6mm
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272,01 € MSRP
-47%  Logo Löher Aufbohrer Ø 38mm Typ N HSS rechts Gr. MK4 390/00-38mm
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376,01 € MSRP
-46%  Logo Löher Aufbohrer Ø 20,7mm Typ N HSS rechts Gr. MK2 390/00-20,7mm
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123,61 € MSRP
-48%  Logo Löher Aufbohrer Ø 41mm Typ N HSS rechts Gr. MK4 390/00-41mm
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510,00 € MSRP
-48%  Logo Löher Aufbohrer Ø 49,6mm Typ N HSS rechts Gr. MK4 390/00-49,6mm
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800,00 € MSRP
-42%  Logo Löher Spiralbohrer, kurz Ø 14,25mm Typ N HSS-E / HSS-Co5 rechts Gr. MK2 360/00-14,25mm
-42%  Logo Löher Spiralbohrer, kurz Ø 18,75mm Typ N HSS-E / HSS-Co5 rechts Gr. MK2 360/00-18,75mm
-42%  Logo Löher Spiralbohrer, kurz Ø 20mm Typ N HSS-E / HSS-Co5 rechts Gr. MK2 360/00-20mm
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125,08 € MSRP
-42%  Logo Löher Spiralbohrer, kurz Ø 22mm Typ N HSS-E / HSS-Co5 rechts Gr. MK2 360/00-22mm
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172,98 € MSRP
-46%  Logo Löher Spiralbohrer, kurz Ø 26,25mm Typ N HSS rechts Gr. MK3 300/00-26,25mm
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157,02 € MSRP
-51%  Logo Löher Spiralbohrer, kurz Ø 71mm Typ N HSS rechts Gr. MK5 300/00-71mm
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1.602,01 € MSRP
-46%  Logo Löher Kassette Kegelsenker, 90°,Form C Ø 6,3 - 20,5mm Typ N HSS rechts 521/02- 6,3-20,5mm
521/02- 6,3-20,5mm
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160,00 € MSRP
-42%  Logo Löher Spiralbohrer, lang Ø 12,3mm Typ N HSS rechts Gr. MK1 320/00-12,3mm
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63,40 € MSRP
-42%  Logo Löher Spiralbohrer, lang Ø 12,7mm Typ N HSS rechts Gr. MK1 320/00-12,7mm
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67,98 € MSRP
-36%  Logo Löher Blechschälbohrer, zyl. Ø  8,0-20,0mm Typ N HSS rechts 570/00- 8,0-20,0mm
570/00- 8,0-20,0mm
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28,78 € MSRP
-42%  Logo Löher Blechschälbohrer, zyl. Ø 26,0-40,0mm Typ N HSS rechts 570/00-26,0-40,0mm
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112,31 € MSRP
-42%  Logo Löher Stufenbohrer, zyl. Ø  6,0-30,0mm Typ N HSS rechts 572/00- 6,0-30,0mm
572/00- 6,0-30,0mm
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113,32 € MSRP
August Löher

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We offer precision tools and drills of the brand Löher in our international brand shop. We as ToolTeam distribute the complete range of this German tool manufacturer for professionals but also for customers with a DIY background. The catalog includes quality twist drill technology, countersink tools or percussion drill bits in industrial quality. Drills for metal and steel work can be found in all sizes and designs. Order the best tool for your specific challenge or order a whole drill set at a reasonable price.


Looking for a special or rare item of the Löher catalog? ToolTeam is connected via digital interfaces directly to the warehouse of the German premium manufacturer for drilling equipment. We provide a comprehensive availability at a quick delivery time. Drills of Löher are characterized by precision and durability. They are used in areas where professionals cannot make any compromises in quality and reliability. When it comes to efficiency on the long-term e.g. material-demanding processes in the production and/or crafts, Löher drills for metal are an excellent choice.


Benefit from our low prices and worldwide shipping to Europe and most international countries. Order small amounts in your workshop or production hall - ToolTeam serves clients from different sectors successfully for years. Out service team is your first choice help for technical and commercial questions at any time. Welcome to ToolTeam!

The legendary LÖHER –service means that 98% of the incoming orders are sent on the same day. That is why LÖHER has been awarded for the past 9 years consecutively, best supplier of precision tools from the board of tool dealers (ZVH).
That speaks for itself and for LÖHER.