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Welcome to the CEDIMA brand world of ToolTeam. Here you will find all information about the company, the products and downloads.
CEDIMA is specialized in the field of diamond tools and cutting machines respectively cutting-off machines. Thanks to many years of experience in diamond sawing, diamond grinding and diamond cutting, Cedima offers the best professional quality.
ToolTeam of course offers you the full range and for special orders our procurement service will be happy to help you. We wish you a lot of fun while shopping.


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For our customers in the construction industry, we offer the full, high-quality range of products from this high-end tool manufacturer. Depending on the task, the company carries products such as cut-off wheels, grinding discs or mortar scrapers for building construction and civil engineering. You can also buy CEDIMA drill bits and can countersinks at a low price at ToolTeam. The extensive program allows the cutting of concrete, asphalt or stone. Even filigree tiles can be cut effortlessly with the professional special machines. The robust tool also does its job reliably in road construction, for example when working on kerbstones. Find the ideal saw for work in the carcass, for example CEDIMA saws for the breakthrough

Cedima for road construction and general building trades

  • CEDIMA diamond tools
    • Diamond cutting discs
    • Grinding discs
    • Groove cutter
    • Crack milling cutter
    • Mortar scraper
    • Cutting rings
  • CEDIMA table saws
    • Table saws and accessories
    • Diamond cutting discs for table saws
  • Floor cutters
    • Floor saws and accessories
    • Diamond cutting discs for floor saws
  • Core drilling technology
    • Drill rig
    • Drilling motors
    • Hydraulic drilling
    • Drill jumbos
    • Core drilling accessories
    • Diamond core bits
  • Wall saws
    • Wall saws and accessories
    • Diamond cutting discs for wall saws
  • Wire saw technology
    • Wire saws
    • Circular saw
    • Diamond saw ropes
    • Wire saw technology accessories
  • Special-tools
    • Electric Hand Circular Saw
    • High frequency electric hand circular saw
    • Joint brushing machines
    • Crack milling machine
    • Surface milling machine
    • Reinforced concrete crusher
    • Chamfering machine
    • Concrete slurry separators


With the customer, for the customer! Cedima GmbH from Celle has been developing and selling diamond tools and machines for the construction industry since 1984. Thanks to many years of gathering know-how, we now have a variety of diamond tools and machines at our disposal. Quality is one of the most important maxims of Cedima. An operational process consistently oriented towards quality assurance has become a matter of course for us. These efforts were already rewarded in 1997 with the certification according to DIN ISO 9001.


In Celle, a team of highly qualified employees is constantly working to provide the right tool for each material. A laboratory equipped with the latest technology enables us to develop an optimal solution even for special applications. Before being released, each diamond tool is subjected to an extensive series of tests in which it must prove its suitability depending on its subsequent use. Over time, a wide range of high-quality saw blades, drill bits and tools for special applications has been developed, whose specifications have been precisely matched to the material to be cut and the machine used.


The development of the machines takes place in our in-house development department. A team of engineers is constantly working on enhancements and innovations in order to always be able to offer the perfect solution for customer needs. The subsequent production of the machines takes place both in Celle and in the production plant Cedima Meziměstí (Czech Republic). Cedima's range of machines covers table saws, floor saws, core drilling technology, wall sawing technology and also wire sawing technology. In addition, Cedima has special machines that can be used for special applications. We owe a decisive part of our success to our customers at home and abroad, whose trust we have gained during this time. Today, we export our products to more than 65 countries worldwide. A large number of sales and service partnerships all over the world ensure that delivery and service times are kept as short as possible. In Germany, a powerful field service team takes care of our customers' needs. The ability to offer all necessary diamond tools, machines and services from a single source makes us a strong partner for the concrete drilling and sawing industry worldwide.


In order to maintain high customer satisfaction, Cedima is in direct contact with its customers. Constant availability is an enormously important aspect of this. At Cedima, the office and field staff strive to be available to their customers around the clock. The sales team is personally represented throughout Germany as well as in France, Scandinavia, the Baltic States, Poland, Russia and the Czech Republic, so that it is possible to offer the customer professional advice on site in the shortest possible time. Individual wishes and new suggestions can also be exchanged in direct contact.


Product optimizations and adaptations to new trends have become indispensable in today's society of rapid change. The continuous product care and optimization of the existing product program is one of the daily tasks of Cedima employees. Regular tests and continuous development guarantee the high quality level. But not only the adaptation of the existing product range to new requirements is an important part of the company, also the urge for innovations and developments is written in capital letters at Cedima. The development department at Cedima is always on the lookout for new advanced solutions, on the one hand to make the customer's work even easier, and on the other hand to further increase efficiency and cost-effectiveness. New developments are therefore based on customer requirements and future technical trends. Close cooperation with customers is at the heart of the innovation process.


Cedima's mission is to supply reliable machines and tools for the industry. To ensure that the quality level is always maintained at the highest level, regular maintenance must be carried out. These inspections and preventive maintenance help to minimize unplanned downtime and extend the life of the machines. Our trained staff is always on hand to provide advice and assistance so that your machine can be repaired quickly and eff ectively. In addition to maintenance and repair, Cedima offers the following additional services: Restocking and repair of drill bits, production of drill bits in all special dimensions, sale of diamond tools, segments and spare parts from stock.


In Celle, Cedima GmbH has a modern high storage system. Numerous products find their place on an area of 2500 sqm. their place. This enables Cedima to deliver the desired product to its customers at short notice. Long delivery times can therefore usually be avoided.