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Welcome to ToolTeam's EHA brand world. Here you will find all information about the company, the products and downloads. EHA is a manufacturer of cover gratings and floor gratings, especially in public and private swimming pools, saunas and industry based in Bochum. The majority of customers now come from trade, craft and industry. EHA products are represented worldwide. ToolTeam naturally offers you the full range and our procurement service will be happy to help you with special orders. We hope you have fun shopping.


Top EHA Industriematten produkter

-5%  Logo EHA Luftpolstermatte Zuschnitt B600xS6mm blau PVC Rutschhemmung R10 84403
33,82 €
(40,25 € / Måler)
-27%  Logo EHA ManuPlast Baderost Zuschnitt B600xS12mm blau PVC Rutschhemmung C 88403
27,56 €
(32,80 € / Måler)
37,69 € MSRP
-25%  Logo EHA Läufer 10m Rolle L10000xB600xS5mm schwarz PVC Rutschhemmung R09 85060
246,72 €
(29,36 € / Måler)
328,03 € MSRP
-23%  Logo EHA Läufer 10m Rolle L10000xB800xS5mm grau PVC Rutschhemmung R09 85780
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394,20 € MSRP
-17%  Logo EHA Industriematte +11 Zuschnitt B1200xS15mm schwarz PVC grob gefräst Rutschhemmung R11 90069
76,93 €
(91,55 € / Måler)
93,19 € MSRP
-20%  Logo EHA Vario Kabelbrücke L1000xB350xH50mm PVC schwarz 45020
128,15 €
160,46 € MSRP
-11%  Logo EHA Luftpolstermatte Zuschnitt B1000xS6mm blau PVC Rutschhemmung R10 84401
-3%  Logo EHA Läufer Zuschnitt B800xS5mm schwarz PVC Rutschhemmung R09 85081
40,58 €
(48,29 € / Måler)
-3%  Logo EHA Läufer Zuschnitt B800xS5mm grau PVC Rutschhemmung R09 85781
40,58 €
(48,29 € / Måler)
-23%  Logo EHA ManuPlast Baderost Zuschnitt B1000xS12mm grau PVC Rutschhemmung C 88701
48,15 €
(57,30 € / Måler)
62,82 € MSRP
-17%  Logo EHA ManuPlast Baderost Zuschnitt B600xS12mm weiß PVC Rutschhemmung C 88803
31,26 €
(37,20 € / Måler)
37,69 € MSRP
-23%  Logo EHA Läufer 10mRolle L10000xB800xS5mm schwarz PVC Rutschhemmung R09 85080
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394,20 € MSRP
EHA Industriematten

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EHA - simply safe

Since the mid-1970s, cover gratings for overflow channels in swimming pools have been a special production focus. The cover gratings have been continuously developed over the years. Today, roll-up gratings for overflow channels are produced in different colors, different widths and heights and, last but not least, for oval and round pools according to the individual ideas of the customers. Due to the often very specific requirements of swimming pools, EHA offers measurements and the subsequent installation of the cover gratings on site. Until the early 1980s, the main buyers of EHA mats were public and private swimming pools, saunas, etc. and, to a lesser extent, industry. The customer structure has changed increasingly in recent years. A large number of customers now come from trade, craft and increasingly from industry. In order to be able to serve this group of customers, floor grids have been developed that meet even more stringent industrial safety and hygiene regulations. The materials used are PVC (virgin material), recycled PVC and recycled PE. EHA has been dealing with the subject of "safety when walking and standing" since 1950. Benefit from the EHA experience.