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In the Gedore Brandworld by ToolTeam you find the complete assortment of premium manufacturer at low prices. The GEDORE tool factory has its headquarters in Remscheid and is represented in more than 70 countries worldwide. With over 16,000 tools, GEDORE has the widest range of any European manufacturer. But that's not enough for GEDORE, because they want to delight with the best products, excellent service and innovative solutions - in other words, with tools for life and quality from passion. Customers from the trade and industry - including numerous market leaders - have appreciated the GEDORE premium tools for many years..


Top GEDORE produkter

-36%  Logo GEDORE Ring-Maulschlüssel UD-Profil 38 mm 6003500
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81,08 € MSRP
-36%  Logo GEDORE Scherensatz für Kunststoffrohre 1637983
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65,42 € MSRP
-36%  Logo GEDORE Schlosserhammer ROTBAND-PLUS mit Hickorystiel, 500 g 8583230
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26,85 € MSRP
-36%  Logo GEDORE Schlosserhammer ROTBAND-PLUS mit Hickorystiel, 800 g 8583580
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35,34 € MSRP
-36%  Logo GEDORE Doppelmaulschlüssel-Satz 12-tlg 6-32 mm 6077700
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122,69 € MSRP
-36%  Logo GEDORE Doppelmaulschlüssel-Satz im Halter 8-tlg 6-22 mm 6079400
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74,54 € MSRP
-36%  Logo GEDORE Ring-Maulschlüssel UD-Profil 34 mm 1827987
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40,55 € MSRP
-36%  Logo GEDORE Ring-Maulschlüssel-Satz 12-tlg UD-Profil 6-19 mm 6091530
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111,72 € MSRP
-36%  Logo GEDORE Doppelmaulschlüssel-Satz 11-tlg 4,5-13 mm 1879146
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120,84 € MSRP
-36%  Logo GEDORE Doppelmaulschlüssel-Satz 10-tlg 5-13 mm 6099000
Anmod om tilbud
89,45 € MSRP

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Made by GEDORE - the brand values

"All across the world, "Made by GEDORE" stands for the values that make the company what it is: customer proximity, innovation, performance and reliability. On this promises the GEDORE values are based: tools for life.

GEDORE is close to the customer
and offers all our customers, wherever they are, the right solution so they can achieve excellent results. We always focus on your requirements, and offer you the best service in the industry.

GEDORE is innovativ
and notable for its wealth of ideas, well-founded processes know-how and highest German engineering skills, based on which they develop intelligent, needs-based solutions.

GEDORE is powerful
and works with highly productively and efficiently, and it prepared to go the extra mile in order to offer you absolutely precise solutions. This makes Gedore to the global quality leader in the field of professional tools.

GEDORE is reliable
and ensures its product and services are of a consistently high quality. They assume responsibility, and guarantee that high social, ethical and ecological standards are observed.

GEDORE produces,
at four german places locations and production sites in Brazil, England, Austria and South Africa with around 2,500 employees - tools for life.