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In the ICS Europe brand world of ToolTeam you will find the complete range of the premium concrete chain saws and diamond chain manufacturer at reasonable prices. ICS Europe stands for perfection and safety in concrete saws. Buy worldwide as a private or commercial customer. At ToolTeam you will find accessories and consumables for all diamond chain saws so that you can continue to cut through concrete, masonry stone and reinforced concrete. ICS Europe saws have been around since about 1992. That means over 25 years of specialization and experience in the manufacture of concrete chain saws. Innovation, experience and craftsmanship contribute to the company's success. In the Catalogs menu you will find the current ICS Europe online catalogs for browsing and for requesting a quote. Of course, almost all ICS Europe concrete chain saws are in stock in different sizes and versions.


Top ICS produkter

-24%  Logo ICS Betonkettensäge 680ES GC Benzinsägekopf (Ohne Schwert und Kette) 576155
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1.452,98 € MSRP
-24%  Logo ICS Betonkettensäge 701-A Sägekopf (Ohne Schwert und Kette) 573511
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5.415,00 € MSRP
-19%  Logo ICS Diamantkette FORCE3-32 Premium 35 cm 584302
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620,00 € MSRP
-19%  Logo ICS Diamantkette FORCE3-32 35 cm 64DL 584292
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461,00 € MSRP
-18%  Logo ICS Schwert für 680GC 35 cm/32 Segmente 513122
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227,98 € MSRP
-24%  Logo ICS Betonkettensäge 695XL F4 Benzin-Sägekopf (Ohne Schwert und Kette) 575826
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2.410,00 € MSRP
-19%  Logo ICS Diamantkette FORCE3-29 30 cm 58DL 584290
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416,01 € MSRP
-19%  Logo ICS Diamantkette FORCE3-35 40 cm 70DL 584294
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505,00 € MSRP
-19%  Logo ICS Diamantkette FORCE3-29 Premium 30 cm 584298
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562,98 € MSRP
-19%  Logo ICS Diamantkette FORCE3-32 Brick 35 cm 584299
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548,99 € MSRP
-19%  Logo ICS Diamantkette FORCE3-35 Brick 40 cm 584301
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602,01 € MSRP
-19%  Logo ICS Diamantkette FORCE3-35 Premium 40 cm 584303
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678,99 € MSRP
-19%  Logo ICS Schwert für 890F4 63 cm/40 Segmente 525320
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442,98 € MSRP
-23%  Logo ICS Diamantkette ProFORCE-29 40 cm 525342
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811,01 € MSRP
-23%  Logo ICS Diamantkette ProFORCE-29 Premium L 40 cm 525343
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941,00 € MSRP
-23%  Logo ICS Diamantkette ProFORCE-29 Abrasive 40 cm 525344
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895,00 € MSRP
-19%  Logo ICS Schwert für 890F4 50 cm/34 Segmente 529767
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287,98 € MSRP
-23%  Logo ICS Diamantkette ProFORCE-29 Premium S 40 cm 531735
Anmod om tilbud
941,00 € MSRP
-24%  Logo ICS Diamantkette ProFORCE-40 Premium S 63 cm 531737
Anmod om tilbud
1.373,99 € MSRP
-24%  Logo ICS Diamantkette ProFORCE-34 Premium S 50 cm 531741
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1.113,99 € MSRP
-15%  Logo ICS Schwert für 603/660GC 25 cm/25 Segmente 517689
-18%  Logo ICS Schwert für 695F4 40 cm/29 Segmente 523080
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232,98 € MSRP
-19%  Logo ICS Schwert für 695F4 40 cm/29 Segmente 524490
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292,01 € MSRP
-18%  Logo ICS Schwert für 680GC 30 cm/29 Segmente 71395
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182,01 € MSRP

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Groundbreaking innovations
ICS® has been a leading global manufacturer of innovative diamond tools and equipment for cutting, drilling, smashing and finishing hard materials for over twenty years. Our patented diamond chain systems have revolutionized the cutting of concrete and pipes in construction and infrastructure applications. We offer a complete range of power cutters, diamond tools and accessories that enable the user to achieve optimum operating quality and productivity. From commercial and residential construction to the maintenance of public piping systems, ICS diamond tools and equipment help you carry out your work reliably, efficiently, and with a level of service that is unmatched in the entire industry.