ToolTeam® Buyer protection

The satisfaction of our customers has the highest priority at ToolTeam®. If you have questions about products or applications, our employees are available to answer your questions during normal business hours on weekdays. In the past, even complex projects could be brought to success through the qualified advice of our support team. To underline our quality claim once again, ToolTeam® has established comprehensive buyer protection. The free service offers you maximum security when shopping on our portal. The majority of cases are regularly covered by ToolTeam® Buyer Protection. Please contact us in the following cases.

When does ToolTeam® Buyer Protection apply?

...  Delay in delivery and failure of delivery

Should delivery delays occur contrary to expectations, we will contact our suppliers as soon as possible to clarify the process. If the goods are demonstrably not received by you within 10 days after expiry of the first delivery period, we will refund the full purchase amount. Please use our contact form to describe the process.

...  Wrong articles

In the case of delivery of demonstrably incorrect goods, we will immediately endeavour to correct the error. Please use our contact form* at short notice to describe the problem. ToolTeam® Customer Service checks the process and then provides you with the return address. Please note that the goods must be in their original packaging and undamaged when they reach our warehouse. After reviewing the process, we will refund the full purchase amount.

...  Wrong quantity

ToolTeam® works with a variety of different suppliers. This enables us to offer a large and comprehensive product range. In some cases, goods may be shipped from different warehouses. Therefore, it rarely happens that products in your shopping basket are shifted and delivered separately to your address. If there is evidence of shortfalls after the expiry of the delivery periods mentioned, please contact our customer service at short notice* and describe your request. We try to check the incident immediately and forward the missing quantities. If the articles of your order are not completely received within 10 days after the expiry of the first delivery period, we will refund the partial invoice amount for the missing quantities.

...  Mängel und Defekte

Please check the condition of the goods immediately upon receipt for defects and transport damage. In the unlikely event that you have received defective goods, please describe your request to our customer service at short notice*.
Short-term: On the day of delivery, but no later than 3 working days after receipt of goods.

Get ToolTeam® Buyer Protection

1. Reason for the ToolTeam® buyer protection
2. The customer contacts ToolTeam® Customer Service and describes the request
3. ToolTeam® checks the process and triggers buyer protection according to its accuracy
4. If the reasons for a buyer protection are right, ToolTeam® sends the goods promptly after or reimburses partial amounts / the total amount considering the deadlines.

ToolTeam® Buyer Protection Restrictions

•  Vouchers do not fall under the buyer protection
•  Orders with a total value of more than 2,500. 00 Euro do not fall under the ToolTeam® buyer protection.
•  Individualized products and custom-made products do not fall under the ToolTeam® buyer protection.
•  Damage & loss of articles after handover to the parcel service provider / the forwarding agent
•  Payment via credit card or direct debit and the issuing bank cancels the direct debit
•  ToolTeam® Buyer Protection does not cover identity theft or credit card misuse
•  The ToolTeam® Buyer Protection is not a product warranty.
•  The ToolTeam® Buyer Protection does not cover vouchers, discounts, rebates and reductions.

Some reasons for ToolTeam® buyer protection rejections

•  The item description was correct
•  The goods were delivered successfully and verifiably
•  The customer has not reacted to further contacts / queries
•  The customer canceled the order without any problems with the goods
•  The customer has lodged an objection against direct debit with the bank
•  The customer refuses to return the item to the address provided.
•  The ToolTeam® Buyer Protection Application is considered inappropriate