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Welcome to the Epple brand world from ToolTeam. Here you will find all information about the company, the products and downloads. Epple Maschinen® is an owner-managed company and is based in Wiesensteig. The company offers high quality metal and sheet metal working machines with an exceptionally good price-performance ratio. The range includes three central product lines: machines for price-conscious, professional craft and industrial companies, premium line machines and highline “engineered and designed” machines. ToolTeam naturally offers you the full range and our procurement service will be happy to help you with special orders. We hope you have fun shopping.


Top Epple Maschinen Products

-17%  Logo Epple BFM 45 PG - Prismengeführte Getriebe - Bohr - Fräsmaschine 235 1145
235 1145
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2.985,00 € MSRP
-17%  Logo Epple TU 2506 - Drehmaschine 246 2506
246 2506
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1.885,00 € MSRP
-17%  Logo Epple BS 180 G - Metallbandsäge 130 1180
130 1180
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1.985,00 € MSRP
-17%  Logo Epple KKS 315 L - Kaltkreissäge 240 1315
240 1315
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2.285,00 € MSRP
-17%  Logo Epple AKS 400 - Aluminiumsäge 241 0400
241 0400
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5.285,00 € MSRP
-13%  Logo Epple MSI 100 - Maschinenschraubstock 121 2100
121 2100
103,19 €
-17%  Logo Epple SP 350 - Schweißpositioniervorrichtung 229 1002
229 1002
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1.085,00 € MSRP
-17%  Logo Epple GSA-P 900-12 - Gewindeschneidautomat 215 0012
215 0012
736,13 €
885,00 € MSRP
-17%  Logo Epple GSA-P 900-12 HV - Gewindeschneidautomat 215 0112
215 0112
873,36 €
1.050,00 € MSRP
-17%  Logo Epple GSA-E 1.000-16 HV - Gewindeschneidautomat 215 1116
215 1116
1.401,55 €
1.685,00 € MSRP
530 1100
82,48 €
-4%  Logo Epple MSE 100 - Maschinenschraubstock 121 0100
-4%  Logo Epple MSE 125 - Maschinenschraubstock 121 0125
Epple Maschinen

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The offer is aimed exclusively at business customers, companies, public institutions, tradesmen and freelancers. All prices in catalogues are exclusive of VAT, shipping costs and surcharges if applicable. The manufacturer is exclusively responsible for the content, price and article details of the products and offers presented in the catalogues. Subject to technical and optical changes by the manufacturer and errors excepted.

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When creating a specification, planning and ultimately developing new products, we proceed in a customer-oriented and innovative manner. This is how we have held our high position on the constantly changing and developing market for years. In-house developments such as our HIGHLINE machines or, for example, the software for the touch screen control of the SBH 36 NC Vario are planned in detail from the idea to production, and are designed and implemented in detail.



Die Maschinen werden fast ausschließlich bei Kooperationsherstellern und den Originalherstellern in enger Zusammenarbeit produziert. Epple Maschinen® hat somit direkten Einfluss in die Produktion und Produktionstiefe und zeichnen sich oft durch viele Detailverbesserungen aus.Aufgrund dessen ist es möglich, Qualitätsprodukte herzustellen, denen unsere Kunden nun seit über 41 Jahren vertrauen.

Product lines

The Epple Maschinen® brand sells metal and sheet metal working machines and consists of 3 product lines: Machines for price-conscious, professional craft and industrial operations, manufactured according to our special specifications and direct intervention in production. PREMIUM-Line machines manufactured for Epple Maschinen® by well-known western industrial manufacturers with decades of experience. HIGHLINE - "engineered and designed" by Epple Maschinen GmbH.


Epple Maschinen® are manufactured according to our special specifications under high quality requirements with direct intervention in production. Almost all products are produced by renowned original manufacturers. The quality of Epple Maschinen® is ensured through constant controls during the production process and ultimately on the finished product, as well as continuous influence on suggestions and processes for improvement. We see this as an indispensable part of quality assurance for the satisfaction of our customers.