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Welcome to the Heller Tools brand world from ToolTeam. Here you will find all information about the company, the products and downloads. Heller is a world-renowned specialist for professional drilling. As an expert for the development, production and marketing of drill bits for any application, Heller is the preferred choice of professionals on building sites and throughout the industry. Our priority is to be leaders in technology and quality. We apply the most cutting-edge methods at our research centre and in production in Dinklage, Germany. Heller‘s roots go back to 1583 and we are proud of the various world innovations Heller has invented since. Today, we hold numerous patents and operate in more than 60 countries.


Top Heller Tools Products

-48%  Logo Heller Tools HSS Stufenbohrer Ø 4-30 x 100 mm 22607
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118,40 € MSRP
3 Variants
-58%  Logo Heller Tools Bohrkronen Dosensenker-Set Ø 80 x 50 mm hexagonal 18841
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151,26 € MSRP
4 Variants
-59%  Logo Heller Tools SuperQuick SDS-max Bohrkrone Ø 68 x 430/550 mm 24530
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488,24 € MSRP
8 Variants
-58%  Logo Heller Tools EnDuro Y-Cutter Hammerbohrer SDS-max,  Ø 25 x 800/920 mm 22375
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225,84 € MSRP
47 Variants
-47%  Logo Heller Tools AllMat Universalbohrer Satz Ø 5/6/8/10 mm 22697
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40,80 € MSRP
-53%  Logo Heller Tools ProXtreme Beton- & Natursteinbohrer,  Satz 5-tlg. Ø 4/5/6/8/10 28264
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45,46 € MSRP
3 Variants
-55%  Logo Heller Tools Bohrkrone / Dosensenker, M16 Ø 80 x 50/120 mm 18947
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127,89 € MSRP
6 Variants
-58%  Logo Heller Tools HSS Bi-Metall-Lochsäge Satz Ø 35/40/50/60/68/76/83 mm 26015
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217,18 € MSRP
-47%  Logo Heller Tools HM Säbelsägeblatt  5 Stück 24038
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40,50 € MSRP
-47%  Logo Heller Tools HM Säbelsägeblatt S1122EF 5 Stück 24039
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40,50 € MSRP
-48%  Logo Heller Tools HM Säbelsägeblatt WZ-Säbel 180 mm 5 Stück 25814
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63,07 € MSRP
-47%  Logo Heller Tools HM Säbelsägeblatt WZ-Säbel 130 mm 5 Stück 25815
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51,24 € MSRP
-47%  Logo Heller Tools HM Säbelsägeblatt S1531L 5 Stück 24044
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41,39 € MSRP
Heller Tools

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The Heller Tools product portfolio includes a wide selection of high quality solutions for professional users. The product range includes hammer drill bits, concrete & stone drill bits as well as diamond tools, wood drill bits, metal drill bits, universal & special drill bits, chisels, sabre- & jig saw blades, circular saw blades, multitools & bits.