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KA.EF. is a young, modern family business in the 4th generation (founded in 1935) and manufacturer of the highest quality abrasives. KA.EF. means innovative strength, speed, targeted customer orientation, creativity, very good quality and constant further developments in the field of abrasives and grinding technology and is available for customers from P 16 to P 5,000!

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Top KA.EF. Schleifmittel Products

-54%  Logo KA.EF. 1115/1900 - P  60 - NaxoStat N00140
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49,45 € MSRP
194 Variants
-54%  Logo KA.EF. 1115/1900 - P  60 - NaxoMax N07157
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49,45 € MSRP
244 Variants
-55%  Logo KA.EF. 70mm x 25m - P  80 - Schleifnetz Keramik KF750407080
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87,27 € MSRP
198 Variants
-54%  Logo KA.EF. 70/25m - P  40 - C 824 mit Klettrücken N12375
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47,73 € MSRP
58 Variants
-55%  Logo KA.EF. 115/50m  - P  40 - KFR 22 K02162
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69,71 € MSRP
13 Variants
KA.EF. Schleifmittel

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KA.EF. Abrasives, sandpaper, abrasive sponges. In addition to abrasives, we also offer abrasive sponges and sandpaper for metalworking, woodworking, plastics processing, leather processing and automotive. Furthermore grinding machines and adhesives. You need information about SandMate, AbraPad and Sanding Block, we are happy to help.