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MATADOR product area
MATADOR is one of the leading manufacturers of screwdriving tools.
In addition to a wide range of standard tools ("MATADOR Consumer Products"), MATADOR manufactures numerous special tools for leading OEMs - particularly in the automotive industry ("MATADOR Industrial Solutions").
True to the motto: there is always a suitable wrench for every screw and every nut.
MATADOR offers a wide range of high-quality tools, starting with classic wrenches and socket wrenches up to torque precision tools for controlled screw tightening.

MATADOR depth of product range
The range of screwdriving tools is supplemented by products that are part of the core of a good tool range or are required in individual occupational groups. *
But, even though the MATADOR program currently includes more than 6.000 different tools, it is our goal not to include any superfluous standard tools within our assortment.
With view of the substantial and a clear focus on quality, professional users will find at MATADOR only tools that really matter. What counts is not variety but depth of assortment. Thus at MATADOR the user will still find tools, even for special screw joints, where other suppliers have long since given up.

Customer of MATADOR -
is the professional user who uses tools professionally and who knows what he wants.
Thanks to its concentration on depth of assortment and its renowned quality MATADOR has established itself predominantly as a professional brand for industrial customers.
MATADOR has been listed as an initial supplier with almost all major automotive companies for years (e.g. Volkswagen Group, Mercedes-Benz, MAN etc.). For instance Mercedes-Benz has been a regular customer of MATADOR tools since 1933.

MATADOR has only been supplying the specialist trade since the 1990s, whereby the company has retained a certain exclusivity to this day.
Become our customer too – or as we say: be a MATADOR
MATADOR standards

Tools can be found almost everywhere, but good tools can often only be recognized at second glance or, more precisely, after use.
As a leading German brand manufacturer, MATADOR guarantees the exclusive use of tested and proven steel alloys as well as a thorough production by state-of-the-art machines in accordance with ISO 9001:2008.
MATADOR customers can rely on precision measures and a quality that is geared to the tough everyday life of the workshop.
At the Remscheid site, in the center of Germany, highly qualified technicians and specialists develop sophisticated tools for demanding customers.

MATADOR would also be happy to help you with any special concerns.