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In the Ochsenkopf-Tools Brandworld by ToolTeam you find the complete assortment of premium forestry and carpentry tool manufacturer at low prices. Buy as a private customer or a commercial customer wordwide. At ToolTeam you will find all bestsellers and new innovations at a glance. With the Ochsenkopf brand shop, we would like to present you the product range as well as the special Ochsenkopf quality. Ochsenkopf Tools have been on the market since 1781 and this stands for 236 years of specialising in axt manufacturing. Innovation, experience and craftsmanship carry the success of the company. Find the complete catalog as an online catalog in the menue.

Buy Ochsenkopf forestry and carpentry tools at the ToolTeam Brandworld.

Top OCHSENKOPF forestry and carpentry tools Products

OX 10 H-1207
86,10 €
excl. Shipping
OX 20 H-1407
77,59 €
excl. Shipping
OX 630 H-2757
129,25 €
excl. Shipping
OX 16 H-1008
131,30 €
excl. Shipping
OX 33-0200
23,35 €
excl. Shipping
OX 58-1200
103,45 €
excl. Shipping
OX 375-2250
40,50 €
excl. Shipping
OX 440 H-2708
322,10 €
excl. Shipping
OX 375-2500
42,85 €
excl. Shipping
OX 60-0650
29,80 €
excl. Shipping
OX 18 H-1206
140,05 €
excl. Shipping
OX 42-0850
26,95 €
excl. Shipping
OX E-95 H-0700
24,00 €
excl. Shipping
OX E-99 H-0750
35,30 €
excl. Shipping
OX 172 A-0500
69,99 €
excl. Shipping
OX E-94 H-0700
24,00 €
excl. Shipping
OX 20 H-1257
78,75 €
excl. Shipping
OX 59-1500
181,35 €
excl. Shipping
OX VS 24 R
1.408,20 €
excl. Shipping
OX 15 H-0807
61,98 €
excl. Shipping
OX VS 24
1.172,19 €
excl. Shipping
OX 30 E-2751
85,10 €
excl. Shipping
OX 35 E-3001
70,19 €
excl. Shipping
OX 44-0000
27,55 €
excl. Shipping
OX 173 E-0500
32,29 €
excl. Shipping
OX 370-2500
51,69 €
excl. Shipping
OX 235 E-0602
36,05 €
excl. Shipping
OX 235 E-0802
36,05 €
excl. Shipping
OX 235 E-1002
42,10 €
excl. Shipping
OCHSENKOPF forestry and carpentry tools

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Germany's oldest axe forge

OCHSENKOPF stands for perfection and safety in forestry and carpentry tools.

Since the Fahlefeld Bros. established the firm in 1781, the best steel with the best cut has been forged to a maximum quality in the Remscheid factory.

An OCHSENKOPF axe stands for top-grade craftsmanship.
It is still the pride of the traditional tool industry in “Bergisches Land”.


Axe-making has been developed over time into a highly modern industrial undertaking.
Quality and service have top priority.

OCHSENKOPF tools are preferably manufactured of C60 steel.
One of its features is its incredible toughness, which guarantees long tool life.

Only high-quality wood is used in tool shaft production.
Hickory is a high-grade and extremely break-proof wood.

Instead of being sharpened to a knife edge, OCHSENKOPF tools are honed to a cambered edge,which results in longer edge life.
So much more could be said about the brand considered by professionals to be the be-all and end-all.

But basically you have to experience OCHSENKOPF.
When working with wood. In the dark, deep forest.Ochsenkopf offers high class forestry and gardening tools for multiple purposes.