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Welcome to the ROTHENBERGER brand world from ToolTeam. Here you will find all information about the company, the products or downloads. For more than 60 years, ROTHENBERGER has been one of the world's leading manufacturers of innovative, technologically sophisticated pipe tools and pipe machines in sanitary technology, heating technology, air conditioning technology, refrigeration technology, gas technology and environmental technology.


Top Rothenberger Products

-7%  Logo Rothenberger ROCLEAN Injektor für ROPULS 1000000190
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-14%  Logo Rothenberger ROMATIC 20 Entkalkungspumpe 61190
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-17%  Logo Rothenberger Kreuzblattbohrer, gezahnt mit 16 mm Kupplung, D=35mm 72176
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92,94 € MSRP
-21%  Logo Rothenberger Rohrreinigungsspirale 16 mm x 15 m mit Innenseele 72918
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381,93 € MSRP
-19%  Logo Rothenberger Biegegerät ROBEND H+W Plus Set, 1/2-5/8-7/8 24504
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854,95 € MSRP
-20%  Logo Rothenberger HM-Bohrkopf, gerade, 16K, D=30mm 72193
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275,96 € MSRP
-17%  Logo Rothenberger ROWONAL Rostlösemittel, 5l Kanister 72140
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82,94 € MSRP
-8%  Logo Rothenberger ROCADDY 120 R32 Digital 1000002561
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-17%  Logo Rothenberger Profi-Lötgerät SUPER FIRE 4 mit Zyklonbrenner, 7/16-EU 1500001355
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103,95 € MSRP
-17%  Logo Rothenberger Biegegerät MULTIBEND,180°,14mm 25403
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131,93 € MSRP
-19%  Logo Rothenberger Biegegerät ROBEND H+W Plus Set, 10-12-14-16 mm 24501
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854,95 € MSRP
-32%  Logo Rothenberger 6-er Pack ROPULS Reinigungschemie für Fußbodenheizungen 1500000201
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300,97 € MSRP
-20%  Logo Rothenberger TUBE CUTTER 168 PL 70033
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272,94 € MSRP
-20%  Logo Rothenberger ROCUT TC 75 Professional 52015
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248,95 € MSRP
-12%  Logo Rothenberger Schneidrad f. ENORM 4, 2 Stück 070061D
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-14%  Logo Rothenberger Teleskop-Werkbank 070699X
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-8%  Logo Rothenberger Pressbacke Standard 3-gliedrig, M54 1000001274
-7%  Logo Rothenberger Pressbacke Standard TH32 015327X
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-7%  Logo Rothenberger Pressbacke Standard R20 015335X
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As the preferred partner of professional users, ROTHENBERGER offers complete solutions in the field of pipe installation and the associated service and maintenance work. With more than 6,000 products. We offer you the ROTHENBERGER full range. You can simply look up all products that you cannot find online in the catalog and request a quote. ROTHENBERGER also offers the most extensive range of modern premium pipe tools and pipe machines as well as environmental technology worldwide.