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In the VBW Brandworld by ToolTeam you find the complete assortment of premium manufacturer at low prices. Buy as a private customer or a commercial customer wordwide, from the bolt cutters to the practical waterpump pliers.

At ToolTeam you will find all bestsellers and new innovations at a glance. With the VBW brand shop, we would like to present you the product range as well as the special VBW quality. In addition, you can always find the complete catalog as an online catalog in the menue.

Why not browsing through the wide range of pipe wrenches or wire cutters? Come and find your familiar model, such as the top selling VBW FAST-Grip or the POWER-Grip. Of course all tongs are available in different sizes to assure a fast delivery to your workshop.


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The company's history dates back to 1928. The many years of experience reflect in the exemplary and consistent high quality of the products. VBW is specialized in the production of pro-tongs. Buy the well-known combination pliers and universal water pump pliers at ToolTeam. We also offer special electrician pliers with VDE standard or other unique special tools. Commercial customers and noncommercial customers buy the full range of VBW products at the brand shop. Discover classics like pincers and bolt cutters in high performance industrial quality. There are price advantages when buying a complete VBW pliers set! Get good conditions and fast delivery at ToolTeam.


In addition to the universal pliers you can buy pliers for very specific applications and challenges: For example, VDE, ESD, precision engineering, plastics and construction. As a recognized industry expert, the company offers tools for almost every purpose. The quality is beyond reproach. Thanks to advanced forging technology there arise tools with unique precision and durability - even during intensive use. An example is certainly the ergonomic bestseller, the VBW pliers wrench. The tool is fully produced in Germany!


VBW Universal pliers
Combination pliers, Cutters center cutter, Flat-nose pliers, round nose pliers, long nose pliers, Snipe-nose pliers, needle nose pliers, Universal pliers set
VBW plumbing pliers
Pliers wrench (VBW Power Grip), Water pump pliers (for example, VBW AllGrip, FastGrip), Pipe wrench (for example, VBW X-GRIP), Locking pliers, Special plumbing pliers
VBW precision mechanic, electrical or electricians pliers
Crimping tool, Circlip pliers, Wire stripper, VDE pliers (round nose pliers, wire cutter, flat nose pliers, etc.)

VBW Bolt and Mat cutter
Bolt cutters, Pliers, pincers, Grid Cutter, Mat Cutter

The program is complemented by sheet metal shears and cable cutters as well as hand tools, also in the VDE version.