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In the RÖHM-clamping tools Brandworld by ToolTeam you find the complete assortment of premium clamping manufacturer at low prices. Buy as a private customer or a commercial customer wordwide. At ToolTeam you will find all bestsellers and new innovations at a glance. With the RÖHM brand shop, we would like to present you the product range as well as the special RÖHM quality. RÖHM clamping tools have been on the market since 1909 and this stands for 100 years of specialising in clamping manufacturing. Innovation, experience and craftsmanship carry the success of the company and its roundabout 1500 employees.You can always find the complete catalog as an online catalog in the menue. Of course mostly all clamping tools are available in different sizes to assure a fast delivery to your workshop.


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-18%  Logo RÖHM Hydraulik-Einheit, Größe 3 226503
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307,98 € PDSF
-5%  Logo RÖHM Spiralring, Größe 160 100303
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-18%  Logo RÖHM Bohrmaschinen-Schraubstock BOF, Größe 2, Backenbreite 110 111595
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337,98 € PDSF
-18%  Logo RÖHM Bohrmaschinen-Schraubstock BOF, Größe 3, Backenbreite 135 111596
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410,00 € PDSF
-18%  Logo RÖHM Bohrmaschinen-Schraubstock BOF, Größe 4, Backenbreite 160 111597
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643,99 € PDSF

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Founded in 1909, RÖHM is now one of the leading chucking tool manufacturers with a wide and powerful product range.
Drill Chucks, live centres, lathe chucks and vices, gripping technology, power chucks, cylinders and mandrels, tool clamping systems and a major potential of special designs. Numerous renowned users in a wide variety of sectors have been placing their confidence in RÖHM for decades.

When it comes to efficient clamping devices, RÖHM is the one capable to offer everything the customer needs. To produce products which meet highest expectations, all requirements from the consulting, over the engineering and production up to the service are fulfilled right from the start. RÖHM is regarded as a driving force which has a decisive influence on how progress develops.


Find your jaws with the RÖHM jaw finder: https://www.roehm.biz/nc/spannbacken-finder/ The comprehensive clamping jaw program offers a large number of the most diverse jaw types for all clamping options. Suitable for manual lathe chucks, independent chucks and power chucks from different manufacturers both in industrial and artisan production. No matter whether its one-piece jaws, reversible top jaws, claw jaws, draw-down jaws or other types of the versatile range. It's as easy as it sounds: You will get the suitable clamping jaw in only 3 steps and with the convenient enquiry function you can request a quote directly on ToolTeam at the procurement-service.