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In the KLANN or GEDORE AUTOMOTIVE brand world of ToolTeam you will find the complete assortment of this premium manufacturer of special tools at reasonable prices. Since 2016, the renowned supplier of special tools for the assembly, maintenance and repair of vehicles has been fully integrated into the GEDORE Group. As part of the Automotive division, in which GEDORE bundles its industry expertise, Klann-Spezial-Werkzeugbau GmbH now operates under the name of GEDORE Automotive GmbH. Klann was founded in 1978 in Donaueschingen as a medium-sized company and quickly developed into an internationally active company producing special tools for the automotive industry. With more than 90 patents and utility models at home and abroad, KLANN has always been one of the world's leading manufacturers of special tools. With the GEDORE AUTOMOTIVE brand shop we would like to present you the product range as well as the special KLANN quality.


Top GEDORE Automotive - KLANN producten

-27%  Logo Gedore KLANN Federspanngerät kurz mit Gr. 1+2 KL-0025-2
Offerte aanvragen
1.104,16 € Adviesprijs
-27%  Logo Gedore KLANN Federspanngerät KL-0015
Offerte aanvragen
1.062,86 € Adviesprijs
-23%  Logo Gedore KLANN Federhaltersatz Gr. 4 (4 Stück) KL-1540
Offerte aanvragen
702,06 € Adviesprijs
-27%  Logo Gedore KLANN Federspanngerät Mercedes KL-0021
Offerte aanvragen
878,11 € Adviesprijs
-27%  Logo Gedore KLANN Federspanngerät mit Gr. 1+2 KL-0025-1
Offerte aanvragen
933,61 € Adviesprijs
-27%  Logo Gedore KLANN Federspanngerät mit Gr. 1+2, im Koffer KL-0025-1 K
KL-0025-1 K
Offerte aanvragen
1.001,81 € Adviesprijs
-10%  Logo Gedore KLANN Teleskop-Sicherheits-Federspanngerät KL-9002 SP
-10%  Logo Gedore KLANN Hydraulikpumpe, luftbetrieben KL-0215-36 M25
KL-0215-36 M25
Offerte aanvragen
-27%  Logo Gedore KLANN Hydraulik-Pressensatz Mercedes W211 / W220 KL-0326-12 A
KL-0326-12 A
Offerte aanvragen
1.265,08 € Adviesprijs
-10%  Logo Gedore KLANN Niederdruck Diagnosesatz PKW KL-0123-41 K
KL-0123-41 K
Offerte aanvragen
-10%  Logo Gedore KLANN Glühkerzen-Werkzeugsatz CDI Mercedes KL-0369-30 K
-27%  Logo Gedore KLANN Arretierwerkzeug-Satz KL-0580-810 KA
KL-0580-810 KA
Offerte aanvragen
847,69 € Adviesprijs
-10%  Logo Gedore KLANN Abziehersatz mit Schaumstoffeinlage KL-0174-150 E
KL-0174-150 E
Offerte aanvragen
-23%  Logo Gedore KLANN Hydraulik-Zylinder 10 t KL-0040-2200
Offerte aanvragen
595,55 € Adviesprijs
-27%  Logo Gedore KLANN Kugelgelenk-Abdrücker  Satz Gr. 1 und Gr. 2 KL-0165-1
Offerte aanvragen
1.016,13 € Adviesprijs
-27%  Logo Gedore KLANN Radlager-Werkzeugsatz Ford Transit, mit Hydraulik-Zylinder 28 t KL-0040-86
Offerte aanvragen
1.144,45 € Adviesprijs
-10%  Logo Gedore KLANN Glühkerzen-Werkzeugsatz VW-Audi KL-0283-70 K
KL-0283-70 K
Offerte aanvragen
-27%  Logo Gedore KLANN Zugvorrichtung für Zuggabel mit Hydraulik-Zylinder KL-1001-25 A
KL-1001-25 A
Offerte aanvragen
901,09 € Adviesprijs
-10%  Logo Gedore KLANN Schwungrad-Adapter KL-1030-102
Offerte aanvragen
-10%  Logo Gedore KLANN C-Bügel KL-1030-106
Offerte aanvragen
-10%  Logo Gedore KLANN Federhaltersatz für BMW KL-9001-91
Offerte aanvragen
-10%  Logo Gedore KLANN Federhaltersatz MB W211 4Matic, W230 KL-9001-93 A
KL-0006-0003 A
Offerte aanvragen
-27%  Logo Gedore KLANN Zugvorrichtung für Silentlager mit Hydraulik-Zylinder, VW T5 VA KL-0214-19
Offerte aanvragen
982,90 € Adviesprijs
GEDORE Automotive - KLANN

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Het aanbod is uitsluitend gericht op zakelijke klanten, bedrijven, openbare instellingen, handelaars en freelancers. Alle prijzen in de catalogi zijn exclusief BTW, verzendkosten en eventuele toeslagen. De fabrikant is exclusief verantwoordelijk voor de inhoud, prijs en artikeldetails van de producten en aanbiedingen in de catalogi. Technische en optische wijzigingen door de fabrikant en fouten voorbehouden.

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GEDORE Automotive formerly KLANN

When it comes to carrying out, facilitating and optimising repair work on motor vehicles, GEDORE Automotive's special tools are used all over the world.
The aim of GEDORE Automotive (KLANN) is to make repairs safer, simpler, faster and thus more cost-effective: GEDORE Automotive develops innovative special tools for all vehicle types in its test workshop.
Fast reaction to market requirements is essential. GEDORE Automotive (KLANN) produces with state-of-the-art technology and trains directly on the vehicle in its test workshop.
Product information can also be obtained via the new WEBKATALOG and the "KIS-System". http://www.klann-online.de/de/KIS.aspx
With the competence of KLANN, GEDORE Automotive offers tools for:
Spring and shock absorber replacement, tools for steering and steering geometry, tools for axle repair, tools for rubber-metal bearings/ bushings, tools for brakes, tools for engines, tools for clutch repair, tools for gearbox repair, tools for body and interior fittings and general tools

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