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HAZET is one of the leading producers of innovative products in the automotive industry. They focus on torque wrenches, hand tools and workshop trolleys.

ToolTeam provides the full range of their products. Our costumer service is happy to help you if you have special orders or questions. Have fun shopping!


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-30%  Logo HAZET Universal-Satz 163-372/25
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383,95 € Sugerowana cena producenta
-30%  Logo HAZET Klucze nasadowe (z profilem 6-k?tnym) - zestaw 854
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254,83 € Sugerowana cena producenta
-27%  Logo HAZET Skrobak p?aski 824
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30,63 € Sugerowana cena producenta
-30%  Logo HAZET Klucze nasadowe (profil podwójnie 6-k?tny) - zestaw 900Z
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376,18 € Sugerowana cena producenta
-29%  Logo HAZET Zangen-Satz - Anzahl Werkzeuge: 4 163-257/4
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133,36 € Sugerowana cena producenta
-30%  Logo HAZET Servicewagen Assistent 167-3
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239,79 € Sugerowana cena producenta
-31%  Logo HAZET Servicewagen Assistent 167-3S
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263,44 € Sugerowana cena producenta
-31%  Logo HAZET Werkstattwagen Assistent - Schubladen flach: 8x 80x527x348 mm - Schubladen hoch: 2x 165x527x348 mm 178N-10
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1.376,39 € Sugerowana cena producenta
-30%  Logo HAZET Zangen-Satz - Anzahl Werkzeuge: 9 163-424/9
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309,33 € Sugerowana cena producenta
-30%  Logo HAZET Schlauchschellenzangen-Satz - Anzahl Werkzeuge: 3 163-425/3
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154,66 € Sugerowana cena producenta
-29%  Logo HAZET Feilen-Satz - Anzahl Werkzeuge: 4 163-426/4
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90,67 € Sugerowana cena producenta
-30%  Logo HAZET Ring-Maulschlüssel-Satz - Außen-Doppel-Sechskant Profil - Anzahl Werkzeuge: 14 163-427/14
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181,34 € Sugerowana cena producenta
-31%  Logo HAZET Steckschlüssel-Satz, Innen-Vierkant (Robertson) 6,3 = 1/4'', 60-teilig 163-490/60
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453,28 € Sugerowana cena producenta
-31%  Logo HAZET ?ci?gacz do ?o?ysk kulkowych - zestaw 1778-3/40
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975,71 € Sugerowana cena producenta
-31%  Logo HAZET Stó? warsztatowy mobilny 177W-6
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1.205,13 € Sugerowana cena producenta
-31%  Logo HAZET Stó? warsztatowy mobilny 177W-7
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1.242,48 € Sugerowana cena producenta
-42%  Logo HAZET Stó? warsztatowy z narz?dziami 177W-7/169
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2.351,05 € Sugerowana cena producenta
-31%  Logo HAZET ?ci?gacz trójramienny 1785-250
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540,80 € Sugerowana cena producenta
-31%  Logo HAZET ?ci?gacz szybkomocuj?cy 3-ramienny 1786F-25
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417,81 € Sugerowana cena producenta

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Oferta skierowana jest wyłącznie do klientów biznesowych, firm, instytucji publicznych, handlowców i freelancerów. Wszystkie ceny w katalogach nie zawierają podatku VAT, kosztów wysyłki i ewentualnych dopłat. Producent ponosi wyłączną odpowiedzialność za treść, cenę i szczegóły dotyczące produktów i ofert prezentowanych w katalogach. Z zastrzeżeniem zmian technicznych i optycznych przez producenta oraz błędów.

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Our brand shop offers the full tool range of the company Hermann Zerver GmbH based in Remscheid. ToolTeam provides all items of the latest catalog of this excellent manufacturer for automotive tools . Browse through the vast amount of spare parts and accessories and order the goods with a few clicks quickly and easily to your workshop. You need qualified support? Reach out now!


The company was founded in 1868. At that time the brand name derives of the initials of the company director Hermann Zerver. The first plant was being built in Remscheid-Vieringhausen and lays the foundation for unprecedented success. Today the company runs three state of the art manufacturing facilities in Germany.

The HAZET tools are durable and well known for their uncompromising reliability. The company offers a wide range of hand tools for the professional use on cars, trucks and motorcycles. Also special tools for machines, engines and vehicle technology can be bought at ToolTeam. In addition, our warehouse holds a high availability of accessories and spare parts. The brand has been providing quality for ages with some of the best HAZET tools in the entire automotive industry. Almost every automobile manufacturer uses workshop equipment by HAZET for the installation / mounting and repair of the vehicles. The program includes a ratchet and socket set as well as a pro bit and socket set.


The high-quality tool assortment allows safe and efficient operation at the car, pickup truck, van or SUV and motorcycle. Everywhere where artisans / handyman work on machinery and equipment, you can rely on the blue helpers from Remscheid. Inexpensive hand tools, factory and pro-workshop equipment as well as special tools can be found in the ToolTeam shop. We also have a wide range of torque and pneumatics or air pressure technology.

Many end users are familiar with the tool box and workshop trolleys because of visiting local car workshop with their mobile. No wonder that mechanics and technicians for repairing and assembling vehicles rely on the quality of Hermann Zerver GmbH worldwide. In our store you will find everything you need for a full workshop equipment, including screwdriver, spanner, strippers and impact wrenches in various sizes. Did you know? Hazet tools can be found in the aviation and maritime area also!