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Founded in 1973, the company started out as an Italian manufacturer of simple and small manual pipe bending machines, now known as Jolly and Junior. Thanks to a strong international patent, the ERCOLINA® brand was able to assert itself as the global market leader in this important sector. At the right moment, ERCOLINA® used machines such as roll benders, horizontal presses, pipe grinders and many others, which are completely designed and produced in Italy. With many years of experience and a new infrastructure, CML is expanding its bending technologies, offering mandrel bending machines with automated work cycles and high CNC precision.


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-16%  Logo ERCOLINA MD083 MEDIBENDER, MD083 manuell
1.515,76 €
-16%  Logo ERCOLINA TB050T mit Dorn Tisch L=3M, Topbender TB050T-A3/H48

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ERCOLINA® machines are the most reliable and productive choice for anyone looking for a very powerful machine. Due to the fast set-up time and easy programming, the company is known worldwide for its excellent quality and high repeatability with the name ERCOLINA®.