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Welcome to the Lokoma Brand World for Tailor-made business equipment from ToolTeam. We are pleased to welcome you to our website. At ToolTeam you will find all bestsellers and new innovations at a glance. With the Lokoma brand shop, we would like to present you the product range as well as the special Lokoma MADE IN GERMANY quality. In addition, you can always find the complete catalog as an online catalog in the menue. On the following pages you will have the opportunity to get to know the company and our products and services.


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Oferta para clientes comerciais**

A oferta destina-se exclusivamente a clientes empresariais, empresas, instituições públicas, comerciantes e freelancers. Todos os preços nos catálogos são exclusivos de IVA, custos de envio e sobretaxas, se aplicável. O fabricante é exclusivamente responsável pelo conteúdo, pelo preço e pelos detalhes dos produtos e das ofertas apresentados nos catálogos. Sujeito a alterações técnicas e ópticas por parte do fabricante e com excepção de erros.

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LOKOMA Company maxim: “Your satisfaction is our ultimate objective!“

This motto is the essence of our corporate philosophy and in compliance with it, LOKOMA has been producing plant and storage equipment since 1956 as well as in-vehicle equipment since 1978 on the basis of most demanding requirements of numerous workshops from everyday practice.
Besides a lot of modern machines on more than 12,000 m² of production area the family company has 60 qualified and determined employees that are always ready to fulfil your wishes and requirements as there are no gains without pains! The wide range of our long-term customers from 20 countries of the world as well as the fact that we have been twice awarded the Bavarian State Prize for excellent performances prove that we are on the right track. It is also our quality management certificate in accordance with ISO 9001 : 2008, GS test of various products as well as our internal product research and last, but not least 55 year´s know-how that guarantee an overall high quality standard and continuous innovation. It is true that we are not the biggest company, but with our more than 2,500 branch-specific products and deeply involved customer service we belong to leading providers of plant and storage equipment.

Complete range of services

Made in Germany
- More than 50 years‘ experience in manufacturing company storage facilities
- Certified quality management according to ISO 9001:2008
- Extensive product range and development of customer-specific solutions
- Administration and production in Höchstädt/Donau (Bavaria)
- www.lokoma.de (AGB for download)

The Lokoma conception
- Modular extension of functionality and load capacity
- Comprehensive accessories and flexible dividing systems for drawers
- Ergonomis handling systems
- Environment-friendly powder coating with good mechanical characteristics
- Case and drawers are perfectly protected against corrosion due to additional dip-paint coating
- The coating can be a twin-tone colouring. Feel free to chose from 11 RAL-colours without additional charging
- Free advisory services and planning on-site: Please contact our international retail partner ToolTeam.