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Welcome to ToolTeam's VIGOR brand world. Here you will find all information about the company, the products and downloads. Vigor is a young company based in Remscheid, which has made it its business to manufacture robust, strong and good tools. You are now an integral part of both national and international trade fairs. The constantly growing product range includes more than 1,500 articles for industry, trade and automotive use. ToolTeam naturally offers you the full range and our procurement service will be happy to help you with special orders. We hope you have fun shopping


Top produtos de Vigor

-34%  Logo Vigor Conjunto de chaves mistas com roquete V1031 - - - Número de ferramentas: 12
117,10 €
177,86 € Preço recomendado
-27%  Logo Vigor Conjunto de raspadores V1283 - Comprimento total: 0 mm - Número de ferramentas: 4
-26%  Logo Vigor Ferramenta multifunções 14 em 1 V1785 - Número de ferramentas: 14
26,03 €
35,38 € Preço recomendado
-20%  Logo Vigor Sub Maker Quadro 10 em 1 V4241
20,97 €
26,21 € Preço recomendado
-29%  Logo Vigor Teleskopspiegel Satz - Anzahl Werkzeuge: 4 V5480
40,55 €
57,13 € Preço recomendado
-34%  Logo Vigor Cortador dos tubos com roquete de escape V3309
110,13 €
167,10 € Preço recomendado
-29%  Logo Vigor Conjunto de escovas V4646 - Número de ferramentas: 38
39,32 €
55,50 € Preço recomendado
-26%  Logo Vigor Paquímetro, mecânico V4690 - Comprimento total: 235 mm
24,71 €
33,40 € Preço recomendado
-35%  Logo Vigor Paquímetro de discos de travão V4930
74,12 €
113,19 € Preço recomendado
-37%  Logo Vigor Abocardador para ø 4,75 mm V4416 - Número de ferramentas: 3
50,97 €
80,84 € Preço recomendado
-25%  Logo Vigor Sortimento de encaixes de chaves para parafusos V4753 - Número de ferramentas: 70
210,75 €
279,20 € Preço recomendado
-25%  Logo Vigor Martelo de mecânico 2000 g V2663 - Comprimento total: 400 mm
20,67 €
27,69 € Preço recomendado

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A oferta destina-se exclusivamente a clientes empresariais, empresas, instituições públicas, comerciantes e freelancers. Todos os preços nos catálogos são exclusivos de IVA, custos de envio e sobretaxas, se aplicável. O fabricante é exclusivamente responsável pelo conteúdo, pelo preço e pelos detalhes dos produtos e das ofertas apresentados nos catálogos. Sujeito a alterações técnicas e ópticas por parte do fabricante e com excepção de erros.

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The name VIGOR has its roots in the Latin language and stands for "strength, vitality, vitality and robustness", i.e. everything that makes a good tool: "Robust - strong - good!"

The steadily growing product range currently includes more than 1,000 items for industry, trade and automotive use. All articles are high quality products, tested in Germany according to the currently valid high technical quality standards.

In their constant search for high-quality products, VIGOR product managers not only use the German market, but are (highly) active in all international procurement markets worldwide.

With the best possible use of the resources available there, the respective professionals in their fields identify and create constantly new, intelligent and innovative products around the world of hand tools and workshop equipment. The portfolio ranges from classic open-end wrenches and workshop equipment to special automotive tools.

VIGOR tools are only available from authorized dealers. We offer our specialist trade partners a variety of sales-supporting marketing measures, such as Displays and tool walls. It is also possible to make appointments with our technical advisors and their information vehicles (exhibition vehicles).

VIGOR currently presents itself at over 15 national and international trade fairs every year, with an upward trend. There you can convince yourself of the performance of the products and the VIGOR brand.